Okito Stool

Läufer and Keichel, 2018


Light and minimalist, the Okito Stool excudes a quiet elegance. The artistry found in the Okito collection is due to its simplicity. Combined with Zeitraum's commitment to expert construction, quality materials, and supreme functionality, the ideal stool is created. The Okito Stool is the ideal option for bar settings in both residential and commercial environments, and works well in interiors of many different tastes.

  • Stool (without backrest) or bar stool (with backrest)
  • Seat available in oak, matte oak, oak colour stain, or American walnut
  • Stool (small): 15.0"w 15.0"d 18.1"h
  • Stool (medium): 15.7"w 15.0"d 25.6"h
  • Stool (large): 16.9"w 16.9"d 31.5"h
  • Barstool (small): 17.7"w 16.9"d 33.1"h 25.6"sh
  • Barstool (large): 18.5"w 18.1"d 39.0"h 31.5"sh
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum