Mikal Harrsen , 2015


R.I.G. is an ultra-flexible modular system defined by clean lines, helping to organize storage spaces by drawing a geometric layout ideal for both domestic and professional environments. The R.I.G. modular shelving system was designed based on the idea of joining simple principles -- optimized use of materials, enhanced functionality and a minimalist aesthetic, all with an industrial touch. The system combines only a handful of components which can be easily connected in numerous ways, all attached by using a universal screw. 

  • Modular shelving system
  • All components in solid steel
  • Shelves avaiable in marble, glass, veneer, and MDF
  • Module length: 43.7"
  • Max height: 113.4"
  • Depth options: 15.1," 19.7," 23.6," 29.6"
  • Size and dimensions are customizable and vary depending on the configuration, and upon request. Contact for more information
  • Made in Italy