Nana Groner, 2009


Aesthetically, Code's structure is based on the graphic motifs found in modern architecture. These motifs have been converted into a rectangular outer frame with a highly graphic, geometric interior. The various compartment modules can accommodate a wide range of articles: books, files, paperbacks, DVDs and CDs. In addition to its pure yet complex graphics, Code is distinguished by an extremely light structure as all elements have a uniform thickness of 10mm. The system is self-contained, which means that reconciling lightness and stability was the biggest challenge of the project. The shelving gains stability thanks to a specially developed sandwich construction. Code can be used against a wall or as a free-standing room divider.

  • Shelves in wood-veneered MDF available in oak, oak glazed anthracite, oak stained cold grey, American walnut or white laminate, open edges in anthracite finish
  • Available in various different components
  • Code 1: 23.6"w 11.8"d 92.1"h
  • Code 2: 70.1"w 11.8"d 31.9"h
  • Code 3: 46.9"w 11.8"d 31.9"h
  • Code 4: 46.9"w 11.8"d 22.8"h
  • Adjustable aluminum feet, Code 1 comes with wall-fixing hardware
  • Component can be connected with invisible magnets
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum