Cavalletto System

Angelo Mangiarotti, 1953-1955


The solid wood Cavalletto shelving system was designed and patented over fifty years ago, but still maintains its versatility and functionality during present day. The distinctive feature is a trestle in the shape of an upturned “V,” which means the bookshelf is superimposable by means of a simple gravity joint. The special perimeter section can accommodate bookshelves or closed containers which are locked and held in place by a "dovetail" joint.

  • Modular system of stackable vertical elements and shelves made from birch plywood
  • A trestle in the shape of an upturned "V" makes the system stackable through a simple gravity joint
  • Compositions can be freestanding or wall-mounted
  • Available in natural, brown, or dark oak finish with optional storage units
  • The structure and front panels of the storage units are made from MDF and are available painted white or grey
  • Can be fitted with a single drawer, or a drawer with internal drawer, both with fully extendable runners and push-pull opening mechanism
  • Storage units can only be fitted on the bottom module and do not require a base or top
  • Side Panel: 11.8"d 20.1"h
  • Shelf: 15.7"d 40.6"w
  • Storage Unit with Drawer: 39.3"w 16.7"d 15.7"h
  • Maximum height for wall mounted compositions: 82.4" (5 elements)
  • Maximum height for free standing compositions: 66.9" (4 elements)
  • Made in Italy by AgapeCasa