Parentesit Panel Standing

Lievore, Altherr, Molina, 2016


Parentesit is an acoustic wall panel that reduces extraneous background noise and creates a space for concentration. Inspired by minimalist art and classic Japanese interiors, these movable modular screens with black metal frams come in mulitple square and circular motifs.The bold, graphic panels speak to diverse environments and can be further customized with the addition of a speaker or ambient light. Parentesit is ideal for corporate, contract, hospitality, and residential settings.

  • Modules are available in four options: two round panels of different sizes, one square panel, and one combination square and round panel
  • Each panel is fully customizable and can be outfitted with speakers or ambient LED light solutions
  • Speakers can be installed with Bluetooth capability and can be controlled and connected via smartphone devices
  • Finishes include upholstery, in Arper’s full range of graded and carded in fabrics, and black lacquered metal
  • Please email for sizing and dimensions
  • Made in Italy by Arper