Turntable Oval

Formstelle, 2016


This larger format was developed based on the round TURNTABLE, providing more seating and nevertheless saving space with a centre base. The table top, the centre base and the floor plate are have the same elipse. This form requires a very time consuming and sophisticated level of craftsmanship and is unique as a solid wood version. This table can be used in the office or the home.

  • Available in Solid Oak or Solid Walnut
  • Steel rod embedded in the base for support
  • Finished in natural oils
  • Also available stained in ten color varieties including chalk, light warm gray, cold gray, dark warm gray, graphite gray, graphite black, aqua blue, mint blue, salmon pink and pink pastel
  • Contract quality
  • Available in 5 standard sizes
  • 43.3"w 86.6"l 29.5"h
  • 43.3"w 94.5"l 29.5"h
  • 43.3"w 102.4"l 29.5"h
  • 47.2"w 118.1"l 29.5"h
  • 51.2"w 129.9"l 29.5"h 
  • Custom sizes and timbers avilable upon request
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum