Young Lady

Paolo Rizzatto, 1991-2021


Timeless and intriguing, the Young Lady chair effortlessly juxtaposes natural cane against sleek aluminum. This rare and unexpected combination comes together to create a uniquely beautiful design, offering the convenience of a swivel chair and the spaciousness of an easy chair, with a comfortable, ergonomic back and optional upholstered seat. Perfect for the office or the home, Young Lady is a magnificent chair with endless potential.

  • Swivel easy chair
  • Base in die-cast polished or lacquered aluminium
  • Back in Viennese cane
  • interchangeable seat in Viennese cane, or available upholstered in fabric or leather
  • 23.2"w 23.2"d 31.5"h 18.9"sh
  • Made in Italy by Alias