Rely Outdoor Chair

Hee Welling, 2022


Minimalist, sleek, and modern, the new Rely chair has been designed for outdoor use. While the new Rely outdoor model has the same pared-back appearance and ergonomic design as the original, Welling incorporated a series of functional details to strengthen it against the elements. UV protection ensures that its plastic frame won’t bleach in sunlight, while a small hole in the seat allows water to escape during rain showers, and all of this speaks to the brand and designers' ongoing commitment to Danish principles of functionality in design.

  • Outdoor chair
  • Shell made from 100% recycled polyprolene with 10% fiber glass
  • Shell available in white or black
  • Base in steel tubes
  • 18.8"w 21.6"d 32.8"h 18.4"h
  • Made in Denmark by &Tradition