Formstelle, 2004


Sideboard series based on the Modulor proportions system developed by Le Corbusier. The proportions are a deliberate attempt to replace the rigidity of symmetry with an asymmetrical arrangement which feels correct. The result is a simple and elegant sideboard, with a mid-century modern appeal.

  • Wooden sideboard
  • Available in beech, ash, oak, knotty oak, maple, cherry, American walnut, and European walnut
  • Available with optional plinth in solid wood, stainless steel brushed, or matte black powdercoated steel
  • Atelier version available with longer legs
  • Side Baby: 47.2"w 18.9"d 29.1"h
  • Side: 68.5"w 18.9"d 29.1"h
  • Side Long: 89.8"w 18.9"d 29.1"h
  • Side Atelier Baby: 47.2"w 18.9"d 12.6"
  • Side Atelier: 68.5"w 18.9"d 12.6"
  • Side Atelier Long: 89.8"w 18.9"d 12.6"
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum