Private Vitrine

Space Copenhagen, 2021


Playing with notions of public and private, visible and obscured, open and closed, the Private Collection by Space Copenhagen forms the most comprehensive line of storage and display furniture in the GUBI Collection. The Private Collection combines the presence to make a powerful statement with a sense of refined elegance, ensuring each piece will be cherished and passed down through generations, only becoming more beautiful over time. Embodying understated sophistication while still making an impact, the collection has a timeless quality that will make sure it remains relevant for generations to come.

The Private Vitrine is a statement display cabinet for the bedroom, lounge or kitchen – and would also work well in a hotel or spa lobby where a touch of personality is required. Its brown/blackstained or light-stained oak veneer frame encases a tall glass case with three shelves, providing the transparency to store and display books, tableware, glassware, or precious ornaments, and an opportunity to weave personal narratives into a space.

  • Display cabinet
  • Frame available in brown/black oak or light stained oak
  • Handles in antique brass
  • Doors and shelves in solid glass
  • 43.3"w 23.6"d 29.1"h
  • Made in Denmark by GUBI