Mandarin Chest of Drawers

Piero Lissoni, 2022


Perfect for today's home office or workspace, Piero Lissoni's Mandarin Chest of Drawers is a sophisticated yet playful take on a storage and shelving unit. The structure is made from transparent colored laminated glass, which has been UV-bonded with the wooden base and drawers, and this contrast in material, texture, and color establishes a dynamic juxtaposition within each piece. The design's upward-orientation allows you to maximize storage without occupying a large footprint, making Mandarin Chest of Drawers an ideal option for smaller spaces. Mandarin Chest of Drawers is available in a wide range of configurations, to ensure an optimal storage solution is available to meet your unique needs.

  • Storage solution
  • Structure in transparent colored laminated glass
  • Available in monochromatic glass or with back in different color
  • Drawers and base in natural darkened solid ash
  • 28.0"w 19.7"d 60.6"h 
  • 47.2"w 19.7"d 74.4"h
  • 55.1"w 19.7"d 46.5"h 
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia