Nendo, 2016


The Layers collection includes cabinets in three sizes made entirely of extra-light glass. The design’s signature features are the movable, colored glass panels that hang in the front, middle, and back of the shelves. The color of each hanging panel is different, and as they slide from left to right colors combine to produce a variety of hues. The panels are made using a colored glass technique involving inserting colored film between two sheets of glass and applying heat. This is a technique that has been mastered by Glas Italia.  

  • Lacquered glass
  • Doors availble in warm tones (orange-red-brown) and cold tones (blue-grey-violet)
  • Top and the doors can be dismantled
  • LAY01: 63"l 19.7"w 42.5"h
  • LAY02: 78.7"l 19.5"w 31.9"h
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia