Alberto & Francesco Meda, 2022


Chic, sophisticated, and versatile, Alberto and Francesco Meda have designed Hub, a simple and beautiful modular shelving system with endless possible customizations. The system itself is affixed to the wall, which adds both modernity and stability, and is a perfect addition to contemporary living spaces. Whether used to store and display books, home supplies, decorative items, art, or a combination of them all, there are simply no limits to the possibilities with Hub. Additionally, the natural wood shelves and aluminum hardware elements combine elegantly and lend a dynamic personality to this already-stunning design—and because of Hub's customizable nature, there is an accessible and workable configuration for rooms of any size and shape.

  • Modular shelving system
  • Shelves in veneered plywood
  • Shelves available in the following neutral lacquer finishes: oak, bleached oak, ash grey oak, and dark stained oak
  • Metal elements in aluminum
  • Made in Italy by Alias