Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Piero Lissoni, 2012


Piero Lissoni consistently designs contemporary furniture that is striking and artistic, while retaining an undeniable tastefulness. His work often utilizes atypical shapes and colors to create statement pieces that have the potential to transform a room entirely. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a perfect example of this. This modern shelving and organizational unit is available in a variety of different glass types, finishes, colors, sizes, and configurations, allowing it to fit perfectly into each individual space. 

  • Multi-functional glass unit
  • Available in transparent extralight glass, transparent colored glass, or matte colored diffusor glass
  • Also available with a coated finish in various colors, in glossy lacquer or opacque lacquer
  • DJMH01: 11.8"w 17.7"d 17.9"h
  • DJMH02: 23.6"w 17.7"d 17.9"h 
  • DJMH03: 11.8"w 17.7"d 80.0"h
  • DJMH04: 23.6"w 17.7"d 80.8"h
  • DJMH05: 47.2"w 17.7"d 42.3"h 
  • DJMH07: 47.2"w 17.7"d 21.5"h 
  • Made in Italy by GlasItalia