Patricia Urquiola, 2022


Doble will have you seeing double, in the most mesmerizing way imaginable. Patricia Urquiola is an undisputed master of Italian glass design, and her latest collection consists of storage units defined by a hexagonal shape. The units are made with an innovative laminated glass which creates extraordinary optical illusions and surreal effects, almost as if the items held within were viewed through 3D glasses. This allows the objects contained inside to change their material consistency and to vary their position, size and quantity, a genius concept that is sure to spark exciting conversation.

  • Storage unit in laminated glass
  • DOL01: 35.4"w 27.6"d 14.2"h
  • DOL02: 20.5"w 13.8"d 22.0"h
  • DOL03: 38.6"w 18.1"d 34.6"h
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia