GJ 118 Sofa

Grete Jalk, 1958


Grete Jalk was a bold and innovative designer, and the GJ 118 Sofa is no exception. Defined by timeless midcentury appeal, this elegant sofa retains a modern, current feeling even 60 years after it's inception. The GJ 118 Sofa is incredibly versatile, and fits seamlessly in a variety of interiors.

  • Sofa, available as 2-seater or 2 1/2-seater
  • Frame in available in oak or walnut
  • Cushion in Kvadrat fabric
  • 2-seater: 49.2"w 29.5"d 28.7"h 15.0"sh
  • 2 1/2-seater: 61.8"w 29.5"d 28.7"h 15.0"sh
  • Made in Denmark by Lange Production