Wire Table

Ole Schjøll, 1984-2016


When architect Ole Schjøll sketched his Wire table in 1984, little did he know that 32 years later he would present and realize his drawings for the table and that it was to be put into production. Now the table is here – and this adds a poetic twist to the story of Ole Schjøll and his table. Designed and produced in Denmark, the table has gone through five stages of production. From initial sketch and final drawing, the table is bent, welded, polished, cut, painted and finally assembled and finished at A. Petersen.

  • Occasional table
  • Table top in powdercoated steel, available in black, red, or white
  • Frame in stainless steel
  • 27.1"w 27.1"d 17.3"h
  • Made in Denmark by A. Petersen