Twist Couch

Formstelle, 2010


The Twist series is characterized by a simple, smooth tabletop which rests on a delicate, inward-bent frame.

  • Structure in solid ash, oak, American cherry, American walnut, or European walnut with natural oils
  • Oak is also available stained in ten color varieties including chalk, light warm gray, cold gray, dark warm gray, graphite gray, graphite black, aqua blue, mint blue, salmon pink and pink pastel
  • Round: 23.6"dia 12.6"h, 31.5"dia 12.6"h, 23.6"dia 15.0"h, 31.5"dia 15.0"h, 23.6"dia 18.9"h, 31.5"dia 18.9"h
  • Oval: 49.2"w 23.6"d 12.6"h, 49.2"w 23.6"d 15.0"h, 49.2"w 23.6"d 18.9"h
  • Rectangle: 35.4"w 23.6"d 15.0"h, 47.2"w 23.6"d 15.0"h, 55.1"w 23.6"d 15.0"h, 63.0"w 23.6"d 15.0"h, 35.4"w 23.6"d 18.9"h, 47.2"w 23.6"d 18.9"h, 55.1"w 23.6"d 18.9"h, 63.0"w 23.6"d 18.9"h
  • 0.8"tabletop thickness
  • Custom sizes and timbers available upon request
  • Also available as a dining table and a bedside table
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum