Shimmer Coffee Table

Patricia Urquiola, 2015


These glass coffee tables by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola are an extension of her standout 2015 Shimmer side tables collection that were instant international bestsellers. The structure is in a special multicolored iridescent finish with nuances that vary according to the angle of the light and vantage point.

  • Collection of glass coffee tables available in two sizes in iridescent colored glass
  • Available in glossy transparent glass
  • SHI03: 47.2"w 25.6"d 13.8"h
  • SHI14: 23.6"w 19.7"d 20.1"h
  • SHI15: 35.4"w 23.6"d 18.1"h
  • SHI16: 47.2"w 35.4"d 16.1"h
  • SHI24: 47.2"w 47.2"d 14.2"h
  • SHI25: 47.2"dia 14.2"h
  • SHI26: 47.2"w 35.4"d 14.2"h
  • The presence of small scratches or irregular and non homogeneous coloring are an intrinsic feature of the special material used
  • Also available as a side table, coffee tables, and wall mirror
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia