Patricia Urquiola, 2017


Patricia Urquiola has continued to produce timeless, contemporary designs, defined by a stunning sense of color, texture, and material to create beautiful and functional works of art. Her latest collaboration with Glas Italia comes in the form of the Liquefy Table, an elegant set of tables that evokes a feeling of fluidity. Available as a high or low table and in two different colors, Liquefy is a dynamic design and an instant statement piece.

  • Tables in tempered extralight glass
  • Available in blue-green, pink-beige, whiskey, and anthracite grey
  • LIQ01: 23.6"l 19.7"d 20.1"h
  • LIQ02: 35.4"l 23.6"d 18.1"h
  • LIQ03: 47.2"l 35.4"d 16.1"h
  • LIQ04: 70.9"l 45.3"d 29.5"h
  • LIQ05: 47.2"dia 29.5"h
  • LIQ06: 47.2"l 47.2"d 29.5"h
  • LIQ07: 70.9"l 39.4"d 29.5"h
  • LIQ08: 70.9"l 47.2"d 29.5"h
  • LIQ09: 47.2"l 35.4"d 29.5"h
  • LIQ10: 47.2"l 16.5"d 33.5"h
  • LIQ11: 47.2"l 47.2"l 14.2"h
  • LIQ12: 47.2"dia 14.2"h
  • LIQ13: 47.2"l 35.4"l 14.2"h
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia