Coffee Table

Aldo Bakker, 2015


Many items in Karakter's collection can be defined by their production methods, innovative construction practices that minimize the use of unnecessary materials. Aldo Bakker's Coffee Table consists of a single sheet of steel, cut so that it can be “rolled up” into a table in one smooth motion. Due to the spiral shape, a self-supporting construction is created. Coffee Table is an artistic, geometric table unlike any other, where Aldo Bakker’s exquisite sense of merging colour, material and form has come into play to create an occasional table with an effortlessly sculptural appeal.

  • Table in powdercoated steel
  • Available in sky grey, dusty green, dark sepia, bay leaf, or dark terracotta
  • 12.5"w 9.8"d 15.8"h
  • 31.5"w 15.8"h
  • Made in the Netherlands by Karakter