Trèfle Stool

Marcel Gascoin, 1949-2019


The iconic Trèfle Stool was originally designed by Marcel Gascoin in 1949. Placing function and order over embellishment, the robust and functionally versatile Trèfle Stool shows a great example of how Gascoin facilitated interior design by creating elements that were easy to integrate into the home. With a sleek and sturdy character, the Trèfle Stool combines a soft shaped split seat structure with strong, stable legs to establish an elegant, resolute appearance. Crafted in long-lasting, natural materials with attention to detail and true craftmanship, the Trèfle Stool adds a warm but undemanding presence that allows for a versatile use in the contemporary home.

  • Wooden stool
  • Available in oak, walnut, black stained matte lacquered oak, or black/brown stained lacquered oak
  • 11.4"w 10.6"d 17.7"h
  • Made in Denmark by GUBI