Simris Easy Chair

Anton Björsing, 2024


Simris gets its character from the oak frame that encloses the seats and cushions. The design was born when Swedish restaurateur Daniel Berlin desired a sofa for his restaurant’s open lounge, where the evenings begin, with specific expectations for comfort and functionality: not too hard, not too soft. “Simris looks great from the front and the back. That’s rather important,” says Anton Björsing; this is due in no small part to the distinctive wooden framing that surrounds the upholstery. “We were thinking stability, a heavy piece of furniture, like a big rock or those old farmyard sofas, but with that Gärsnäs touch." 

  • Easy chair 
  • Upholstery available in a range of fabrics and leathers
  • Wooden frame in solid oak
  • 30.9"w 28.7"d 29.5"h 16.1"sh
  • Made in Sweden by Gärsnäs