Mats Theselius, 1990-2020


Mats Theselius' renowned chair design, known in previous iterations as Theselius Noir and Aluminium, is now available in stunningly sleek copper. Theselius is known for creating astoundingly unique designs, to the extent that it becomes a challenge to compare his works to other designers. Koppar is no exception, as you'd be hard-pressed to find another design that so luxuriously showcases the incredible potential of copper. An obvious statement piece, Koppar entirely sets the tone for any room it is placed, instantly evoking a profound sense of style and begging to be discussed and admired.

  • Upholstered easy chair
  • Frame in copper plate
  • Seat in leather
  • Armrest in oak
  • Legs in cast copper
  • Back and seat in foam with dymetrol
  • 23.6"w 24.4"d 27.6"h 17.7"sh
  • Made in Sweden by Källemo