Petal Easy Chair

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, 2018


BassamFellows Petal chair is the most advanced 3D molded wood veneer chair ever put into commercial production.‎ State of the art and environmentally friendly due to the nature of the process behind it and its economic use of materials, the Petal chair revolutionizes the concept of sustainabilty and luxury in design. Fluid, dynamic and expressive, the chair's super-shaped wood mimics the unfolding of flower petals, creating a comfortable ergonomic form.‎ The back is wider at its top to provide support, while rolled waterfalls of shaped wood soften the edges.‎  Nature frequently offers the perfect mood board for comfort in design, and such is the case with this powerful chair. The Petal easy chair offers a wonderfully spacious option, ideal for relaxation, and presents the opportunity for the Petal collection to be used as a defining statement piece in the home.

  • Easy chair
  • Available with or without arms
  • Seat, back, and arms available in 3D moulded walnut or oak veneer
  • Base available in steel or solid wood
  • Without arms: 22.5"w 25.5"d 26.6"h 16.8"sh 
  • With arms: 27.1"w 25.5"d 26.6"h 16.8"sh 
  • Also available as a dining chair or bar stool
  • Made in USA by BassamFellows