Pebble Easy Chair

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, 2017


The BassamFellows Pebble Collection was inspired by a single simple pebble.‎ Designer and Architect Craig Bassam found himself returning again and again to a small, pleasingly shaped pebble he had picked up while walking on the beach on Cape Cod.‎ It had been sitting on his desk for some time and served as a kind of organic stress ball – something tactile and pleasing to turn around in his hand, but also to inspire visually.‎ The Pebble Collection was conceived as a set of furniture that would look organic and harmonious, sculptural and natural – from any angle, allowing for different groupings without the need to be rigorously aligned.‎ The Pebble Easy Chair is a beautiful testament to the versatility and character of solid wood furniture, and the design itself is incredibly spacious. Each of the pieces in the collection work as an abstract design statement in itself, but they also work together to form an integrated whole.‎ 

  • Easy chair
  • Seat, frame and legs in solid wood, available in white oak or walnut
  • 29.0"w 24.3"d 27.5"h 15.5"sh
  • Made in USA by BassamFellows