Michele De Lucchi, 2022


Indoor is the new and elegant interior version of the outdoor project designed by Michele De Lucchi for Alias. Essential, simple, and poetic, it was natural to think of a home version that would bring the same freshness to the home environment. Impeccably chic, Indoor stands as a stunning modern testament to the ingenuity and timelessness of italian design. The union of materials and high quality upholstery is a transcendent combination, marrying stylish visuals and remarkable comfort—perfect in every way.

  • Collection of sofa and armchairs
  • Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leathers
  • Frame and base in lacquered steel, available in a wide range of colors
  • 376: 42.5"w 31.5"d 31.5"h 17.7"sh
  • 377: 67.7"w 31.5"d 31.5"h 17.7"sh
  • 378: 99.6"w 31.5"d 31.5"h 17.7"sh
  • Made in Italy by Alias