Tove Kindt-Larsen, 2021


The flexibility of rattan—its ability to be bent and shaped at will—is at the heart of Tove Kindt-Larsen’s vision for the Grace Chair, whose rattan frame is entirely crafted by hand. The result is a daring balance of elegance and informality, resulting in a piece that will make a bold statement as it casts playful shadows across any interior space, while welcoming those who regularly curl up inside it like an old friend. The gentle sweeping curves of the Grace Chair perfectly embody the natural characteristics of rattan, making it a piece that lives up to its name, while bringing a sense of the outdoors in. A beauty from any angle, Grace Chair will bring a sense of welcoming informality to even the most refined spaces, enhanced by rich texture introduced by the rattan’s natural surface. 

  • Lounge chair
  • Frame in rattan
  • Seat and backrest pillow available upholstered in a wide variety of fabrics
  • 31.5"w 29.5"d 29.1"h 17.7"sh
  • Made in Denmark by GUBI