FH429 Signature Chair

Frits Henningsen, 1954-2015


The FH429 Signature Chair was designed by Frits Henningsen, a cabinetmaker who held his profession to very high standards. Henningsen always manufactured his own designs and often began by creating a small model – in this case, using modeling clay and toothpicks. The frame was then made in his Copenhagen workshop, undergoing months of testing and adjustments before Henningsen was content. After the lounge chair was completed in 1954, fewer than 20 pieces were produced, until Carl Hansen & Søn reintroduced the design in 2015. The simplicity of Henningsen’s work increased over the years.  The Signature Chair becoming his purest, most pared-down design. His interest in achieving comfort and elegance through the use of graceful, curved lines is apparent in this final project. Unique and Pure, its soft, inviting shapes and floating armrests create a simple, organic form that calls for quiet contemplation.

  • Lounge chair
  • Frame vailable in oak or walnut
  • Upholstery available in a range of leathers
  • 26.4"w 35.0"d 40.2'h 16.1"sh
  • Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Sons