Bohemian 72 Lounge Chair

Gabriella Crespi, 1972-2022


Lounging in luxury has never been more possible, or more enticing, than it is with the Bohemian 72 Sofa. The Bohemian 72 Collection brings together Gabriella Crespi’s interest in natural materials, her fascination with stacked sculptural forms, and her curiosity about Eastern cultures and philosophies, honed over years of travel. During her lifetime, these exclusive pieces were only ever produced for private clients, but today, 50 years after they were first conceived, in the year she would have turned 100, GUBI has worked from Crespi’s original drawings to bring an extraordinary collection of iconic furniture designs into production for the first time.

In the Bohemian 72 Collection, GUBI has distilled Crespi’s vision of a versatile furniture family for her house of the sun, conjuring a worldly Milanese sophistication from one of nature’s most humble-seeming materials. Elegant, flexible, and refined, the collection is the pinnacle of the jet-set bohemian lounge lifestyle. Comprising a lounge chair, three-seater sofa, ottoman and floor lamp – all crafted from rattan – the Bohemian 72 Collection embodies Crespi’s career-long aim to create furniture that seamlessly unites indoor and outdoor living. The lounge chair exudes elegance and sophistication, while still offering plenty of personality, as well as unmatched comfort—a perfect testament to the timelessness of European design.

  • Upholstered lounge chair
  • Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics
  • Base and frame in rattan with gloss
  • 27.6"w 41.3"d 35.4"h 16.9"h
  • Made in Denmark by GUBI