Fragment of a Spiral

Studiocharlie, 2020


Design Editions specializes in producing stunning items that land mid-way between a design object and an art piece, creating exceptional pieces designed specifically for your walls. In Fragment of a Spiral, the rattan cane is removed from its normal contexts and manipulated into a mechanical structure. The resulting spiral’s tension is fixed with nylon rope and installed in a montre, generating an intriguing appearance that keeps the viewer engaged. Fragment of a Spiral is produced in collaboration with Bonacina 1889.  Studiocharlie explains: “Objects have the power to make us feel better or worse, to make our life more complicated or more fulfilled. We design objects that surprise via their essential quality and which reveal a precise thought beyond their simplicity.”

  • Wall design
  • Rattan cane and nylon cord
  • Limited edition of 20 pieces
  • Available with white or black background
  • 47.2"w 47.2"h 2.2"d
  • Made in Italy by Design Editions