Birgitte Due Madsen, 2022


Design Editions specializes in producing stunning items that land mid-way between a design object and an art piece, creating exceptional pieces designed specifically for your walls. CONTINUUM is a series of Plaster tiles, that when arranged on a large surface, create an abstract, rhythmic movement. Designer Birgitte Due Madsen says of her work “ My idea is to create several different forms that are interrelated and respond to one another. The Geometry is extruded into sculptural form by repeated investigations of interrupted concave and convex shapes exposed to light and shadow”.

  • Wall design
  • Tiles in plaster
  • Continuum A-A is a limited edition of 20 pieces
  • Continuum B-B is a limited edition of 20 pieces
  • 94"h x 23"w x 2.2"d
  • Made in Italy by Design Editions