While the vast majority of Entrelacs' collection is designed to showcase the beauty of alabaster stone, but in Kheops, this dynamic material is truly highlighted in its strongest form. Besides slim bronze frames, the light's entire identity is composed of solid alabaster, whose intricate veins stream elegantly across the design. Much like the rest of Entrelacs collection, Kheops is perfect for elevating residential spaces, but is uniquely eqipped to adorn commercial and contract spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. 

  • Wall lamp
  • Shade in white veined or brown veined alabaster stone
  • Metal accents in patinated bronze
  • 220-240V / 50-60hz / 27V - LED canot be changed / 32W
  • 6.3"w 7.6"d 15.7"h
  • 6.6"w 7.3"d 23.8"h
  • Made in France by Entrelacs