Cirque Chandelier Cascade

Giopato and Coombes, 2020


Cirque is a geometric combination of brass thread-like structures and ribbed-glass light capsules, defined by its feeling of movement. The entire light was designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, in order to ensure that one did not compromise the other. In the Cirque Chandelier Cascade, we experience a stunning cluster of elegant Cirque pendants, arrange together to create a fantastic tower of illumination, almost reminscent of glacial icicles or a frozen waterfall.

  • Chandelier lamp in brass
  • Glass bulbs contain LED lights
  • CQCHCM: 14.0"dia 61.0"h
  • CQCHCL: 17.0"dia 90.5"h 
  • Available in various drop heights
  • Made in Italy by Giopato & Coombes