Time & Style, 2022


Nagoya’s design reinterprets a traditional rectangular lamp used in the mid-Edo period and is the result of careful research carried out on many historical books and old tools. The material chosen for the frame, Akita cedar, has a high density of annual rings and delicate grain as it grows slowly in the harsh environment of the Tohoku region, which is one of the coldest in Japan. With its linear growth, Akita cedar is perfectly suited for designing a high-quality lamp, as it does not crack, warp, expand or contract. This material pairs beautifully with the shade, which is made of Mino handmade washi paper.

Nagoya's frame is assembled by master craftsmen who specialize in woodwork for lighting, using only elaborate joints and joinery without any metal fittings. Nagoya features one of the most exquisite combinations of materials for traditional Japanese lighting, and the combination of Mino washi paper and Akita cedar pair in warm, elegant harmony. In contrast with today’s efficiency-first manufacturing, the time and effort poured into Nagoya’s manufacturing generate a value that cannot be compared to mass-produced items, and can easily be carried from room to room.

  • Mobile lamp
  • Frame in Akita cedar
  • Shade in handmade Mino washi paper
  • 9.5"w 9.5"d 18.5"h
  • Made in Italy by De Padova