OS Dining Table

Ole Schjøll, 2018


Initially designed for his own home, Ole Schjøll set out to create the perfect dining table, where meals could be enjoyed with family and friends. The result is a modern, geoemtric dining table where circle and cube meet in the form of a round table top and steel wire base. The connecting steel wires contribute to an industrial but stylish appearance, and the star-shaped wiring creates a focal point, allowing Ole Schjøll's dining table to become the centerpoint of the room. Additionally, the tabletop is reversable, allowing you to introduce a wholly new table into your space on a whim.

  • Round dining table
  • Reversible tabletop in black linoleum on one side, white laminate on the reverse side
  • Frame in stainless steel
  • Edge in ash
  • 57.1"dia 28.3"h
  • Made in Denmark by A. Petersen