E020 Embrace Table

EOOS, 2019


The Embrace Table is a functional design that unites wood and steel to create a floating and distinctive piece, a stylish reinterpretation of a furniture staple and created as part of the intelligent Embrace Series. Crafted from three components, the design has a wooden base, a steel wire structure and a round tabletop. The result is a distinctive, sculptural expression inspired by a kite blowing in the wind; with table legs that have been pulled to the center to maximize legroom, the piece provides optimal functionality. The tabletop is circular and designed to facilitate communication between people as the round shape and added legroom highlights social interaction. Contrasted by the lightness of the frame, the wooden tabletop seems to float on the stable frame and will merge seamlessly with all seating options.

  • Dining table
  • 31.3"dia 29.1"h
  • 43.3"dia 29.1"h
  • 54.9"dia 29.1"h
  • Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Sons