E8 Table

Mathias Hahn, 2013


The E8 table is based on an observation of an impromptu composed piece of war time furniture that ended up as a dining table. The long and narrow format allows it to be used as an every-day work and kitchen table, where temporary items such as laptops or paperwork can easily sidestep during meal times. In oak, all surfaces except the top are coloured, using a staining technique that offers saturated and bright colours, while ensuring that the natural texture of the wood remains visible. Unlike lacquer, which scratches off easily, this method allows the table to wear gracefully over time while maintaining the character of the material. In walnut, it is finished with natural vanish to let the wood's beauty shine through.

  • Solid wood table in solid, sustainably harvested oak.
  • Tabletop in oak or American walnut with natural vanish.
  • Bottom side of table top and legs glazed in zinc yellow or color stained in chalk, light warm grey, cold grey, dark warm grey, graphite grey, graphite black, aqua blue, mint blue, salmon pink or pastel pink.
  • Table lengths available: 47.2", 55.1", 63.0", 70.9", 78.7", 86.6", 94.5", 102.4"
  • Table widths available: 27.6", 35.4", 39.4"
  • All tables have a height of 29.5". 
  • An version of this table that extends with leaves is also available, as well as a coordinating bench.
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum