Drop Leaf Dining

Hvidt & Mølgaard,


Looking to create a versatile piece that would adapt to its surroundings, in 1956 design duo Hvidt & Mølgaard devised Drop Leaf. As the name suggests, this handsome table is built in the drop-leaf style, with a hinged section on each side that folds down from the fixed center. Such a space-saving design allows it to adapt to a variety of spaces, from a narrow console to its full expression as a dining table. Unlike other tables in this style, Drop Leaf can be folded by one person, and this sharp attention to practicality is balanced with a keen appreciation of form. The decision to use frames instead of legs as supports had a visual benefit, as well: whether folded or stretched out in a star shape, they create a clean, harmonious form.

  • Dining Table
  • Solid wood frame and tabletop available in white oiled oak or oiled walnut
  • Hinges and accents in brass
  • 55.9"w 64.2"d 28.7"h
  • Made in Denmark by &Tradition