Donald High Table

Philippe Starck, 2022


A stunning example of the endless visual capabilities of glass design, Glas Italia has released yet another ingenius table in the form of the Donald High Table. The design showcases striking geometry, made up of square and rectangular shapes and 45° angles, in combination with a stunningly beautiful color exercise, as seen in the gradient of the base and the inside of the base's column. The result is a light, exciting, refreshing design that feels inimitably contemporary and positions itself as an immediate statement piece within the home.

  • Dining table
  • Tabletop in laminated extralight glass
  • Base plate in mirror-polished stainless steel
  • Gradient available in two directions (downwards or upwards), in black, orange, or multi-chromatic
  • Sides available in yellow, orange, pink, red, or green
  • DOA01: 55.1"w 55.1"d 28.3"h
  • DOA02: 90.6"w 33.5"d 28.3"h
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia