Läufer and Keichel, 2020


Refreshing and unexpected, the Curtain table is a contemporary design, created for this very moment in time. A solid, sturdy tabletop placed on wooden legs that almost appear as if flowing in a wave-like pattern creates a dynamic and exciting juxtaposition, creating an atmosphere or serenity and inner-calm while instantly leaving an impression on those who view it. The legs are precision-crafted from solid high-end wood that simultaneously supports a large-sized solid wood table top, inspiring a breathtaking balance. The Curtain is a profound and effortless statement piece, and an exceptional addition to the modern home.

  • Dining table
  • Available in white oiled ash, oak, knotty oak, color stained oak, cherry, walnut, or knotty walnut
  • Available in a rectangular or rounded shape, in a wide range of sizes
  • Rectangular widths: 94.5", 110.2", 133.9", 157.5"
  • Rounded rectangle widths: 94.5", 118.1", 141.7", 157.5"
  • Round sizes: 59.1"dia, 63.0"dia
  • Lengths: 35.4", 41.3", 49.2"
  • Height: 29.5"
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum