Sela Stool

Ricardo Graham Ferreira, 2018


Awarded for its use of alternative wood types of Brazil in 2015, until now Sela has been hand-carved by Ricardo in his studio workshop close to Rio de Janeiro using tropical hardwood. The new partnership with PP Møbler of Denmark, makers of the iconic fine crafts collection by Hans J. Wegner, allows Sela to reach a new audience, made in variations of woods native to the Nordic forests. The cross continental collaboration is based on the idea of supporting sustainably managed forests by utilising the natural diversity they have to offer. The sculpted shape of the seat permits the presence of knots and imperfections in the wood adding character to each piece. The organic sensual and ergonomic form literally came out of the hands of the Brazilian designer and artisan. “It was impossible to draw this shape. I just knew I wanted a three-legged stool with a perfect position for the pelvis. I stood in front of the wood and began to spontaneously carve. The rest was pure pleasure and elbow grease”.

  • Made from solid wood
  • Available in oak, ash, cherry and beech
  • Made in Denmark by PP Mobler