Elin Bar

Färg & Blanche, 2020


A modern classic from Gärsnäs, Elin, is now available as a bar stool. The stool combines comfort with a light, fashionable, eccentric elegance. Regarding the addition to the series, Farg & Blanche explain: “we believe in sitting comfortably, even at a bar. With Elin at bar height, you can sit comfortably longer, perhaps all evening.” The execution is the same as the chair that inspired the stool: a moulded-textile back and through-stitching, the innovative sewing technique pioneered by Färg & Blanche, which has become their signature and speciality. If you've been searching for an exceptionally comfortable and cozy bar seating option, we believe you've found your match.

  • Upholstered bar stool
  • Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics
  • Legs available in ash or oak
  • Available in two heights:
  • 26.4"h (counter height)
  • 31.5"h (bar height)
  • Made in Sweden by Gärsnäs