CB-542 Wood Frame Stool

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, 2016


The BassamFellows Wood Frame Lounge Series has become one of the brand’s classic signatures since launching more than ten years ago. Adding to the series is an upholstered stool.

The Wood Frame Series was originally designed to be remarkably lightweight and sophisticated without interfering with comfort. The Wood Frame Stool takes this concept and pushes it to its limits – the wood frame is even more cage like than the lounge chairs, with the members reduced to their absolute minimum. The wood elements produce the chair’s distinctive side profile and back view, two of the most important angles of any dining chair when viewed around a table. The outer corners are softly rounded, a BassamFellows signature, and the exposed rear frame becomes both a handle to maneuver the chair and a convenient place to hang the user’s jacket or sweater. Cushions have also been slimmed to the absolute minimum without a cost to comfort. The backrest is structural but designed with a non-rigid upper frame to keep its profile as thin as possible while building in flex for movement.

  • Exposed frame in solid Wenge, Walnut, White Oak or Ash
  • Dual density foam and fiber cushions with inverted seams, tufted and welted
  • Counter Stool: 17.0"w 21.0"d 34.0"h 24.0" seat height
  • Bar Stool: 17.0"w 21.0"d 40.0"h 30.0" seat height
  • Made in the USA by BassamFellows