001 Bar Stool

Fredrik Paulsen,


Vaarnii's bar stool is a beautifully organic option for bar seating, featuring an ergonomic back and strong, defined elements that showcase the extraordinary visual, textural, and structural qualities of solid wood. At first glance, it appears relatively straightforward, but with a closer look, the design is incredibly detailed and intentional. The natural, dynamic, attributes of the material are considered at every stage of the design process, as well as the stool's life afterwards, as it transforms and gains character over time. All Vaarnii products are locally made by a small number of expert Finnish makers, using pine wood that has been harvested from sustainably managed Finnish forests.

  • Bar stool in solid pine
  • 16.1"w 17.7"d 36.2"h 25.6"sh
  • Made in Finland by Vaarnii