Kin Long

Mathias Hahn, 2016


KIN is a collection of cabinets, each with its own unique design that is as visually alluring as it is functional. The KIN Collection's flexibility makes it suitable for any and every space. The inner design of each piece can be customized to fit the needs of the surrounding space and the entire collection is available in various color stain options.

With its large range of possible combinations, KIN LONG is the most versatile in this collection of cabinets. Whether as a stand-alone, stack or a row, KIN LONG can adapt to meet all of your needs. 

  • Available in American Walnut, Oak and Color Stained Oak
  • Oak Stain available in 12 colors
  • Frame available in solid Oak, American Walnut and 4 stained oak colors
  • KIN LONG 82cm (Available with two doors or two drawers): 32.3"w 15.8"d/19.7"d 22.4"h/28.3"h
  • KIN LONG 122cm (Available with two doors or two drawers): 48"w 15.8"d/19.7"d 22.4"h/28.3"h
  • KIN LONG 162cm (Available with four doors or four drawers): 63.8"w 15.8"d/19.7"d 22.4"h/28.3"h
  • KIN LONG 242cm (Available with four doors or four drawers): 95.3"w 15.8"d/19.7"d 22.4"h/28.3"h
  • KIN LONG 362cm (Available with six doors or six drawers): 142.5"w 15.8"d/19.7"d 22.4"h/28.3"h
  • Add ons include KIN Shelf, KIN Drawer, KIN Hang and KIN Flat
  • Available with KIN Plinth Base 1 (2.4"h), KIN Base 2 (9.8"h) or KIN Base 3 (19.7"h)
  • To prevent tipping, wall mounting is required
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum