The Sensitive Back Chair

Time & Style, 2022


Developed from The Sensitive Light Chair as a new model, The Sensitive Back Chair was designed with a more comfortable back seat while maintaining the exquisiteness and simplicity of its predecessor. The wooden parts are carved to extreme thinness and delicacy, the backrest was made as thin as possible while ensuring sturdiness, and the surface that touches the back was trimmed to highlight the pillars which originate from the rear legs. The backside of the backrest has a smooth finish, with the style and the board seamlessly connected for an elegant look. Refined, elegant, and simple, the Senitive Back Chair is capable of doing it all, and is versatile enough to blend into almost any space. 

  • Dining chair
  • Available with or without armrests
  • Frame available in snow white or grey charcoal-stained solid beech
  • Upholstered seat available in a range of fabrics and leathers
  • Without arms: 17.8"w 20.5"d 30.8"h 17.8"sh
  • With armrests: 19.6"w 20.5"d 30.8"h 17.8"sh
  • Made in Italy by De Padova