Hans J. Wegner, 1987


What is left to do after a long glorious carrier with a long line of design masterpieces acknowledged by the whole world, and a number of significant awards already achieved? For Hans J. Wegner, the answer was obvious: in 1987, at 73 years old, he designed the pp58/pp68 as his final basic chair. A  genuinely comfortable, practical, strong, and durable chair. The chair is designed to be comfortable in alternate seating positions, making it a delightful experience to be seated for hours. It will outlast everyday use throughout your life - and your children's and your grandchildren's, effectively constituting the essence of sustainability. It is a strong, final contribution from one of the world's greatest furniture designers, the simple conclusion to an incredible life's work.

  • Wooden dining chair
  • Built to hang from tabletop for easier storage or cleaning
  • pp58 includes an upholstered seat available in a variety of fabrics and leathers
  • pp68 includes a plaited seat available in natural color black
  • Tenons proved by testing each joint to withstand one ton of pulling strength
  • 22.8"w 18.9"d 28.3"h 16.5"sh
  • Made in Denmark by PP Møbler