Hans J. Wegner, 1950 | 2016


With its design dating back to 1950, but never produced, the CH26 design has finally come to life. Manufactured in exact accordance with Wegner's original, hand-drawn sketches, the CH26 serves as a refined dining or desk chair. With excellent ergonomics, a robust construction, and characteristically shaped elements, the CH26 results in a distinctive chair with an elegant appearance that expresses the extent to which every detail has been thought through.

  • Available in solid oak and walnut as well as a combination of these wood types and black stained oak
  • Seat in handwoven black or natrual paper cord
  • Cushion available in golden brown, dark brown, brown, red, dark red, white and black
  • 23.3"w 20.4"d 31.4"h 17.5"sh
  • Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son