Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, 2020


The Brutus chair finds its roots in powerful Modernist vernacular, with an added sense of softness and visual lightness. The design was thoroughly and extensively thought out by the designers, intentionally emphasizing certain sculptural elements, incorporating an elevated yet familiar concept but updated with an organic smoothness. Brutus is more “cut” than it is “built”, and its shape looks like it has been weathered naturally and then manipulated – the silhouette of the back suggests a giant shell that has been machined to create a striking squared-off hole in the center. The back and seat look like a single sculptural element, the horizontal and vertical planes meeting with pleasing curves. With Brutus, perspective is everything – the legs are elliptical, tapering down from the seat to the floor, and shaped like a rounded shark’s fin, so they look broad from one angle, and remarkably thin from another. 

  • Side chair
  • Available with or without arms 
  • Without arms: 18.8"w 21.0"d 29.5"h 17.8"sh
  • With arms:  23.7"w 21.0"d 29.5"h 18.1"sh
  • Made in USA by BassamFellows